Specializing in manufacturing rubber rollers, Chunfa Hitech Industrial Co., Ltd was founded in 1967. The capital has been gradually increasing. In 1988, the capital was increased to NT$ 6 million and in 1995 it was NT$ 52 million. Now Chunfa Hitech is preparing for being listed on the OTC and stock market.

Chunfa has been devoted to developing the innovative technology of manufacturing rubber products. In 1987, Chunfa invented the PU processing technology and set up PU automatic forming equipment in 1999. In addition to innovative technology, "high quality", "customer satisfaction", and "sustainable development" are also the crucial aspects that Chunfa has been always focused on.

Nowadays, facing the severe competition and challenge in global market, every member in Chunfa insists on the spirit of finding the truth and striving for the best results. With the existing advantages on rubber and PU products, the innovative technologies are introduced to new products in order to meet the requirement of current market. On the other hand, Chunfa keeps improving its operational directions so it can catch up with the latest market trend or even lead the market.

In the future, Chunfa will continuously insist on the principle of "taking from society and feeding back to society" by positively participating in R&D projects of the industry and developing high value-added products. We will expand our business field to the electronics, constructions and leisure industries and do our best to give back where we have taken from.