Logika Technologies Measurement and sensor

Logika Technologies - Laser Meter LM-SD

The LM-SD is a laser based distance measurement tool used to measure distances from 0.2m to more than 100m with pinpoint accuracy. A given target can be clearly identified with the help of a red laser sighting point. The usable range of the sensor is dependent upon target physical properties.

The range finder is based on comparative phase measurement. It emits high-frequency modulated light which is diffusely reflected from the target and returns to the instrument with a certain phase shift compared with the emitted signal. The distance can then be determined with millimeter accuracy from the amount of this phase shift.


ØSlab width measurement.
ØBillet positioning.


 Salient Features

ØIP66 rugged enclosure protects state-of- the- art electronics
ØVisible aiming laser for easier sighting
ØProvides high accuracy over long distances under extreme temperature ranges.
ØUp to 30m range for distance measurement with potential for more than 100m with additional reflectors.
ØStandard equipment includes water cooling barb fittings.

Additional Options
ØJunction Box - Includes electrical support components
ØShroud - Sheet Metal Protective Cover
ØSupport Stand - Steel Construction - Adjustable for mounting sensors