Logika Technologies Measurement and sensor

Logika Technologies - Optical barrier OB ITPF

 The Logika Technologies infrared laser optical barrier, Model OB-ITPF, is designed for automation of steel, aluminum, and other metal mill production lines. With its high-output LED laser, the OB-ITPF is well suited to detect billets and slabs in reheat furnaces. It exhibits strong anti-jamming capabilities in high radiation environments and performs well around fog, dust and water.

The OB-ITPF is specially designed for harsh conditions in heavy industrial environments. The IP66 rugged enclosure protects the electronics and allows the sensor to withstand these conditions. The fiber allows the electronics to be positioned away from the heat source.



ØFurnace Entrance
ØFurnace Exit
ØSlab and Billet detection


 Salient Features

ØIntense highly directive infrared laser
Ølight strength, signal strength and detection  indicators
Øfibre optic feature allows for remote sensor installation
ØInsensitivity to ambient light
ØHigh power laser penetrates harsh environments, is insensitive to ambient light and radiation from furnaces, and is ideal for long distances.
ØRemote optical heads are connected to their electronics components through fibre optic cable protecting the electronics from harsh environments.
Additional Options
ØJunction Box - Includes electrical support components
ØLaser Alignment Tool
ØAdditional Fiber Optic Cable.