Logika Technologies Measurement and sensor

Logika Technologies - Optical barrier OB-VT

 The Logika Technologies through-beam Optical Barrier OB-VT is designed for automation of steel, aluminum and other metal mill production lines. It includes a rugged enclosure protecting state-of-the-art electronics and will withstand the harsh ambient conditions present in heavy industrial environments. The OB-VT is used to detect the presence of product throughout the steel making process, and is mainly applied in the furnace areas.
The OB-VT is a two piece instrument comprised of Emitter and Receiver. The emitter contains a solid state laser diode that penetrates dust, steam and high temperatures around reheat furnaces. The Receiver picks out the modulated light from the optical noise of the steel plant for reliable product detection. Both Emitter and Receiver have built-in water cooling and air purge capability.


ØDetecting bars, billets, plate.

ØDetecting dummy bar at caster.



 Salient Features

ØDesign for harsh environment with IP66 Enclosure
ØInbuilt Air Purging and water cooling
ØInsensitivity to ambient light with anti light jamming capability of 1000lux
ØVisible class IIIb laser to facilitate alignment
ØStatus indicator lights, Signal strength indicator
Additional Options
ØJunction Box - Includes electrical support components
ØShroud - Sheet Metal Protective Cover
ØSupport Stand - Steel Construction - Adjustable for mounting sensors