Logika Technologies Measurement and sensor

Logika Technologies - Fiber Optic Static Hot Metal Detector

Logika Technologies Static Hot Metal Detector is designed for steel industry applications.  It includes a rugged IP66 enclosure protecting state-of-the-art electronics and will withstand the harsh ambient conditions present in heavy industrial environments. The HMD-ST is used primarily for detection of hot metal above 300°C, including most shapes and dimensions of wire rod, bar, strip, steel plate, billet and slab. If the environment is too harsh, a fiber optic option is available. Laser pointer for alignment.


ØSlab/Billet detection and positioning
ØReheat furnace entrance
ØReheat furnace exit
ØBillet detection – continuous casting
ØWire Rod Mill / TMT Bar

Salient Features

ØDesign for harsh environment with IP66 Enclosure
ØInbuilt Air Purging and water cooling
ØBack Side Test button .
ØSensitivity adjustment at Back
ØLaser pointer for alignment
ØEasy to install
ØVery Fast Response time
Additional Options
ØJunction Box - Includes electrical support components
ØShroud - Sheet Metal Protective Cover
ØSupport Stand - Steel Construction - 
    Adjustable  for mounting sensors